About The Firm

Jeramy Smith, CPA, PLLC provides proven solutions to dentists to reduce financial headaches for their practices, increase profit margins, and reduce taxes.

Having been a Texas CPA since 1994, I was motivated to start my own firm in 2010 to help clients beyond just recording transactions and filing required tax returns.  I wanted to help their business be financially successful across the board. 

We help ensure your business is not just getting by, but surpassing financial goals.  We achieve this by combining a focus on the day-to-day operations, increasing revenue & profits and using tax planning strategies to help you keep more of what you earn.

We know there are hundreds of CPAs to choose from. Here's why you should consider calling Jeramy Smith, CPA, PLLC.

Experience: With more than 20 years as a Texas CPA, my team and I have brought tax savings and optimized strategies to hundreds of small business clients throughout Texas. 

Expertise: We focus on serving the Dental Industry. Our narrow market focus and research-driven approach allows us to offer in-depth knowledge and reveal little-known strategies tailored to your specific situation. 

Commitment: We want to get to know your business and become your trusted accounting advisor. We understand you’re not an accountant, so our goal is to provide clarity, not add to the confusion.

Still think all CPAs are the same? Give us a call today at 972-863-8296 and let us put you on the path to higher profits and personal success, year after year.


Jeramy Smith
Founder, CPA

Jeramy Smith, CPA, PLLC is a full-service CPA firm licensed in TX. All our CPA's hold valid TX CPA certificates.