Why We Are Here

We Help Dentists Increase Profit and Keep More Through

Our Dental Practice & Tax Strategies

We deliver strategies to dentists to reduce financial headaches for their practices, increase profit margins, and reduce taxes. Whether you are:

  • Just starting out,
  • Are struggling through your first couple of years,
  • Are successful and looking for profitable tweaks and ways to save on taxes, or
  • Are beginning to think about retirement and want to maximize your exit plan.

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About The Firm

Having been a Texas CPA since 1994, I was motivated to start my own firm in 2010 to help clients beyond just recording transactions and filing required tax returns. I wanted to help their business be financially successful across the board.

By combining a focus on the day-to-day operations to increase revenue and profit and tax planning strategies, to helping dentists keep more of what they earn, we help ensure your business is not just getting by but surpassing financial goals.

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