Accounting Solutions

Actionable Financial Data

The reason for bookkeeping should not be “so my tax preparer can file my tax returns” – although, over the years, I have heard that many times from new clients. I would contend that your financial statements can give powerful insights you can use to improve your practice and monitor the financial health of your practice.

A current and accurate set of financial statements can help you monitor expenses, plan for expected cash flow, compare results versus prior periods, etc.  For tax professionals, current and accurate financials are critical when looking at strategic tax moves or calculating estimated taxes. If the numbers used to do the work aren’t accurate, then the resulting answer won’t be accurate either.

To that end, we find it best when we manage the bookkeeping aspect of your practice.  We will work with your team to determine what level of service best fits your situation and then put in place processes to minimize the time needed to maintain current and accurate records. This also frees up time of your team members, so they can focus on bringing more value to your business.

In addition, while it is always preferred to separate financial duties to reduce the risk of internal theft and loss, it is often difficult to do with small teams. Having our team manage your bookkeeping creates a separation of some of the financial duties, which will help reduce this risk. Additional steps can also be implemented to reduce this risk even more.

Our accounting solutions are scalable and range from basic/minimal work needed, to a more sophisticated product with receipts attached to each transaction.  Reporting can also range from basic to more advanced based on what is most important for you to see to manage your practice.  Some reporting can even include non-bookkeeping items from your practice management software or other office processes.

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